Female Ejaculation

A friend of mine asked me a question about female ejaculatory discharge. Apparently, she was unaware that all women ejaculate although only 35-50 percent of release their ejaculate and that female ejaculation is a normal body function for all women.

So, why don't all women know that they ejaculate?

Unlike men, female ejaculate can be reabsorbed into the body and glands direct it into the bladder. There is a substance called PSA or prostate stimulating antigen. For women who visibly ejaculate, this substance is not found in the bladder after orgasm. For women who don't visibly ejaculate after orgasm, this substance is found in the bladder. It's a matter of when you come, do you squeeze and clinch, or do you relax and push out.

Keep in mind that women who relax and push out say that they have better and more intense orgasms.

Many women believe they are urinating at orgasm and equate female ejaculation with loss of bladder control. The 50 percent of women who never experience visible female ejaculation are vocal about it never happening. I've read female critiques of women's erotic literature where the idea of a women being "sopping wet with desire" is also met with skepticism.

Yes it is possible to get sopping wet with vaginal fluids and yes all women experience female ejaculation. If you don't think it's happening to you, your fluid is simply retrograding back into your body.

After all, people are still arguing over clitoral versus vaginal orgasms and whether or not the G spot exists. And when I say people, I'm including women. No one way is better than another if it leads to an orgasm at the end of the road.

Women are all individuals and their bodies are unique. Some women prefer vaginal to clitoral stimulation and have stronger orgasms that way. Some women get little pleasure from their G spots and must have their clitoris stimulated in order to orgasm. Some women experience female ejaculation, and some women pull the fluid back into their bodies.

Men are much more likely to follow an exact pattern in their sexuality. Women fall into "groups" of patterns based on their physiology and what mentally excites them sexually. The physical  "groups" of ejaculatory versus reabsorbing, can further be divided into "sub-groups" of clitoral versus vaginal orgasm.

With four distinct groups of possible female sexual response, and each group convinced their body's response is the only response possible, you can't get a consensus on what happens to a woman's body during orgasm. You only get women who think that what they personally experience is definitively what should happen during sex.

Why can't science determine whether female ejaculations happen or not?

Well, actually scientists have determined that all women ejaculate. It took them a long time, because they didn't know what they were looking for and the scientific method itself of looking for PSA, hadn't been developed. First you have to do comparisons of women who do and don't ejaculate during orgasm. Then, you have find a women in that subset who can have an uncontrolled orgasm while being hooked up to monitors and a fluid collection system, while being watched by researchers. Then you have to know that you're looking for - prostate stimulating antigens, and where the heck did it wind up going when it was reabsorbed into the body. Good luck.

What should you do if you experience female ejaculatory discharge?

Use a towel underneath you during sex, or make sure you have a mattress cover that's waterproof. Realize that you'll have to change your sheets on a fairly regular basis.

Sex, when done properly will be sweaty, sticky and - even if only the male involved experiences ejaculation - wet.

If you're holding back your body's responses thinking that you're going to urinate when you orgasm, you can see a doctor to make sure you're not having bladder problems.

In addition, try masturbating on your own, with an adult toy that mimics the male penis. If you experience ejaculation during orgasm, decide on whether or not you can live with the resultant wet spot. And whether or not the wet spot is that much bigger than what results when your partner ejaculates.

What if my partner doesn't like female ejaculation?

If your sexual partner doesn't want your full sexual response, why are you with them?

Just remember that love without sexual compatibility is called friendship, and that a romantic relationship without sexual compatibility is ultimately frustrating.

Given the number of searches by men for porn sites that show female ejaculation, I have to believe that many men would love to see this kind of sexual response by their partner.

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